The Best Sales Techniques: Ripping Apart The Worst Sales Presentation Ever

Big Sale - best sales techniques

I couldn’t imagine a worse way to spend my time. I think being mugged and savagely beaten could’ve been less agonizing. At least the beating would’ve been over in a few minutes. This went on for an hour.

I now give you The Best Sales Techniques You Can Learn from The Worst Sales Presentation, in three acts.

I hope you don’t make sales presentations like this

Operant Conditioning, or You Get What You Reinforce

operant conditioning: drawing on table

We were at a big chain faux Italian restaurant for dinner. The kids love the chicken fingers, and drawing on the paper covering the table with crayons. I draw faces on the table and make sure they’re all staring at my son. At the restaurant last night, one of the employees dropped some plates. The

Back To The Basics

rapport mirror images

Recently I noticed many of the salespeople I’ve been training have been skipping the basics. Instead of taking time to build the frame of the influence puzzle, They start quickly throwing pieces out there and trying to match them up to see if they match. That’s not good. It causes more work than necessary. The

Rapport Building Questions

rapport building questions

I was recently asked about rapport building questions. I don’t think about specific questions I ask to build rapport. I allow the context of the conversation lead my questions. A business context will yield different questions than a social situation. However, there is a structure specific to rapport building questions. They’re used by all great

How To Improve Sales Skills: Visualization

How To Improve Sales Skills

Want the easiest way to improve your sales skills? The problem, and solution, is all in your head. Sports psychology has been using visualization for years. It gained popularity in the 1980s. And it’s used by the best athletes in the world. Studies have shown: “The athletes who spent their time visualizing hit more of